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At Home Access Financial, we are grateful for the opportunity to help our clients fulfill their goals of homeownership.

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Our Team


Tad Wentzell

Tad Wentzell - Home Access FinancialTad Wentzell



Phone: (813) 864.5542
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 396216

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Brian Finucane

Brian Finucane



Phone: (813) 864-5590
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 410530

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Peter Elsenbaumer

Peter Elsenbaumer - Home Access Financial in Jupiter FloridaPeter Elsenbaumer


Branch Manager – Jupiter Office

Phone: (813) 864-5548
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 1108756

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Robert Sells

Robert Sells - Home Access FinancialRobert Sells


Processing Manager

Phone: (813) 864-5552
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 984364

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Adriana Gonzalez

Adriana GonzalezAdriana Gonzalez


Senior Mortgage Processor

Phone: (813) 864-5552
Email: [email protected]

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Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson - Home Access FinancialKyle Thompson


Senior Loan Officer

Phone: (813) 864-5559
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 1422574

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