Fixed Rate Mortgages

The beauty of fixed rate mortgages is that the interest rate never changes, no matter what. That means borrowers’ monthly mortgage payments are more stable, more predictable, and can help them financially plan out their entire year. However, a fixed rate mortgage also means that a borrower’s rate will stay put, even if rates go down. Therefore, in order to take advantage of dropping mortgage rates, a fixed rate borrower would need to refinance.

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Why Consider a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

  • Lower Downpayment

    Not only do we offer conventional loans, we also offer low money down fixed rate FHA, USDA, and VA loans to qualifying borrowers.


    Enjoy the security of knowing that your monthly principal and interest payments will not change on a monthly or annual basis.

    Aggressive Fixed Rates

    We work with multiple wholesale lenders to seek out some of the best pricing available in the marketplace.

  • Purchase & Refinance

    We have fixed rate financing solutions for buying homes and refinancing existing mortgages.

    Jumbo Loans

    Looking for a higher loan amount? We offer fixed rate jumbo loans at competitive interest rates.

    Renovation Loans

    Looking to finance some home improvements? Ask us about our fixed rate 203K home loans.

  • Fixed Rate Loan Highlights

    • Peace of mind knowing that principal and interest payments remain consistent throughout the life of the loan.
    • Downside protection from fluctuation in the financial markets.
    • On fully amortizing products, principal reduction occurs on a monthly basis.

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