Mortgage Refinancing Assistance

Refinancing is often used to lower your interest rate. If rates have dropped since you last financed your home, you may want to consider refinancing. Other common reasons to refinance include paying off a balloon payment, converting an adjustable rate loan to a fixed rate loan or to extract cash equity in your home (cash out). A few reasons for cashing out include financing home improvements, covering educational and medical expenses, and consolidating debt.

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Types of Refinancing Solutions

  • Conventional Loans

    We offer a variety fixed rate and adjustable rate conventional refinancing programs including popular 30 & 15 year products.

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    USDA Mortgages

    Find out if you qualify for a USDA streamline refinance with the home loan professionals at COMPANY NAME.

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  • FHA Refinancing

    We offer FHA streamline refinancing and cash-out refinancing assistance for borrowers who are looking to refinance their FHA loans.

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    Renovation Loans

    Looking to refinance to make some home improvements? See if a home renovation loan might be a better option than a cash-out refi.

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  • VA Mortgages

    Get VA IRRRL refinancing assistance and streamline your VA refinance with Home Access Financial.

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    Jumbo Refinancing

    Find low mortgage rates on both fixed rate and adjustable rate jumbo loans and save on your next home refinance.

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  • Refinance Documentation

    • Social Security numbers for both you and any co-borrowers
    • Copies of checking and savings accounts statements for the past two months
    • Evidence of any other assets such as bonds, stocks, or money saved in retirement programs (i.e. 401k or 403b program)
    • Recent paycheck stubs
    • W-2 withholding forms, or income tax returns for the past two years to verify your income and proof of employment
    • The name and address of someone who can verify your employment
    • Residence history for the past two years
    • Homeowner’s association information with contact information if property is a condo or part of a homeowner’s association

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    Why Consider Refinancing

    • Reduce Your Interest Rate
    • Cash Out Equity for Home Improvements
    • Consolidate Debt
    • Lower Monthly Payments