Florida VA Loans

Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home, Home Access Financial can assist members of the Armed Forces in finding the best mortgage option for their needs. We are proud to offer zero money down VA mortgages for eligible veterans, active duty servicemen and women, and even surviving spouses.

This special home financing opportunity is only available to those who qualify and meet certain guidelines for eligibility. Be sure to give us a call at the number below for more information and a free interest rate quote.

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Why Consider a VA Mortgage?

  • Zero Down Payment

    Conventional home loans can require 5-20% down, whereas VA loans require no money down at all. This makes homeownership a much more affordable goal for active duty military, veterans and surviving spouses, who are often on a fixed income.

    Flexible Underwriting

    VA loan applicants may be approved even with less than perfect credit histories. This flexibility opens up homeownership for a broad range of people.

    Aggressive Pricing

    VA loans come with competitively priced interest rates, making them even more affordable. For a free, no obligation rate quote, contact Home Access Financial today by calling (813) 534-6889.

  • Streamline Refinancing

    VA loans can be refinanced with minimal documentation and fewer costs than traditional refinancing.

    No Mortgage Insurance

    Another great perk of VA home loans is that they do not require private mortgage insurance. This helps keep monthly mortgage payments low and may even allow borrowers to get “more house for their money,” as more of their payment will be going directly to their principal and interest payments.

    Gift Funds

    Unlike most conventional mortgage programs, VA loans may allow the use of gift funds to cover closing costs.

  • Paperwork You’ll Need

    • Valid ID
    • Copy of DD214
    • Your certificate of eligibility
    • Statement from commanding officer if still on active duty
    • Residence history for the past two years
    • Sales contract for the purchase of a new home
    • Homeowner’s association information with contact information if property is a condo or part of a homeowner’s association

    Contact us today for a full list of paperwork required to complete the application and underwriting processes.

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